Northwest Registered Agent: LLC Formation Review 2022 in Michigan

If you want to start an LLC in Michigan, you have two options. First, you can navigate the formation process by yourself and learn a lot about it as you go. This option is not as complicated as it may seem, and many people have used it successfully. Second, the alternative is to hand over the reins to a Michigan resident agent that hires experts to fill and submit registration papers. It saves you time and ensures you do not make mistakes that can cost you money. We review Northwest Registered Agent, a company that has excelled in offering this alternative for the past two decades.

Why Choose Northwest LLC Formation Registered Agent For Your Michigan LLC?

This registered agent business has been in business for the past two decades, having started in 1998. Since its start, it has focused on offering Michigan LLC formation services, representation, and legal services for Michigan business to entrepreneurs in MI and other parts of the country. Its professionalism sets it apart from the rest amid rising competition in the world of business formation. Moreover, with the experience of having formed more than 2 million businesses, very few top Michigan registered agent services can match its prowess.

Northwest Registered Agent Packages (Pricing & Features)

Most companies have no qualms with offering their clients choices. As a customer, you get to view each selection and decide what works best for you. With this resident agent LLC in Michigan, you get to choose between three tiers as detailed in their package plan. All the Northwest’s pricing and features options come with free registered agent services, enabling you to hit two birds with one stone.


The cheapest package to set up an LLC in Michigan starts at $79, exclusive of the state filing fees. It features:

  • An LLC name search: You always want to make sure that nobody else has used or reserved the name you would like to use. This service runs your name through the required checks and lets you know if you are good to go. Besides, before even filing your paperwork, professionals ensure that the naming meets state guidelines. That way, you can cover all your bases and avoid getting a rejection.
  • Registration paperwork: Knowing what to include and where does not come easy to a first-time entrepreneur. This LLC filing service makes it easier by collecting details from you and filling them in where needed. They ensure that you are both on the same page before finally sending the Michigan LLC formation documents to the authorities. You do not need to do anything other than log into the system, input your details, and let the experts do their job.
  • Free representation: Every company must have someone or service in charge of receiving legal paperwork. Given the sensitivity of this task, outsourcing always works in ensuring you do not miss any important documents. However, when starting a business from scratch, the LLC cost of hiring such Michigan registered agent services may seem very high. Here is the good news. Once you form your company with this service, they throw in a whole year of free representation. So you get to save money and still get top-notch services. Once the one-year registered agent service lapses, you can now start making annual payments to keep the services going.
  • Lifetime customer service: Rather than leave you to fend for yourself once the paperwork is complete, this resident agent for Michigan LLC ensures that you still have a home with them. You will get reminders and tech support for as long as you run your business.


This next Northwest LLC formation option costs $179, exclusive of the state fees. It allows you to get everything detailed in the first tier as well as:

  • An EIN: You may not know this yet, but you need to be very careful with how you report your finances to the federal government. It is especially so when you want to have employees or share ownership of the business with other people. In such circumstances, having this ID will enable you to have an easier time maintaining the books of account. Additionally, most authorities will require this to provide you with an operating permit. Even your bank may request this ID. Plus, it can help protect you from identity theft by enabling you to avoid using your details. Thus, even if you do not explicitly need it, getting it would be a good idea. This service processes one on your behalf, enabling you to avoid the hassle of doing it yourself.
  • A Michigan LLC operating agreement: Sometimes, people face challenges in running a business. It might not seem like a possibility when you are new to the world of business. However, once the money starts rolling in and the responsibilities increase, clashing heads becomes more possible. To avoid spending time on dispute resolution, you can agree beforehand on how you want to deal with the business. It entails drafting a document on voting rights, equity shares, responsibilities, duties, and even the resignation and addition of new members. These guidelines can save a business from an early collapse and can help stabilize the operations in times of unrest. This service will take care of this end on your behalf.


The last LLC online filing option costs $199 exclusive of the state fees and features everything included in the previous tiers plus:

  • Priority processing: Everyone in this tier gets precedence over every other application in other tiers. You have the assurance that the agents will start working on your application as soon as they receive it, thus putting you at the forefront of the line. You get to move through the processes faster and can start your business sooner than other people. For people in a rush, this is a good option.

Pros & Cons of Northwest Registered Agent


  • Fantastic support: Rather than outsource premium customer support, Northwest for Michigan LLC hires its team. These are professionals who are well versed in formation processes. Thus, each client gets to speak to someone knowledgeable about the matter at hand. It reduces interaction time and increases client satisfaction.
  • Free representation: As part of their packages, clients get free registered agent services for up to a year. It enables them to save money and still get excellent services.
  • Privacy by default guarantee: This service ensures that nobody can get their hands on your info without the required permissions by running its servers.


  • Cost: While this service has tried to offer low prices, there are cheaper LLC formation package alternatives on the market. Some even cost nothing.
  • Few reviews: For people who rely on reviews to gauge the efficiency in companies, this company does not have many Northwest registered agent LLC reviews to offer.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Reviews of Customers

We live in an age where electronic word of mouth can make or break a business. Luckily, this reputable company is on the former side and boasts more than 4 stars on most third-party sites. Given that it has received thousands of comments and votes, this rating says a lot about its services. Northwest Registered Agent reviews on BBB show that clients are generally happy with the service they have received. However, some of its competitors boast more customer feedback.

Should I start an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent in Michigan?

Northwest Registered Agent for LLC services is not a one-size-fits-all, and while it might work for one person, it may not work for another one. Using its services works if you require personalized premium customer support. Suppose you have a lot to work out about your company; you will have a listening ear at the end of the line. Plus, you can also use its services if you need free representation. Moreover, the company has great overall value for money.

Is there a reason why the services may not be ideal for you? Yes. There are cheaper Michigan LLC registration options in the market that will still give you free representation. Additionally, if you like focusing on reviews, some of its competitors have way more reviews than it does.

Northwest is one of the best services in the market and choosing it as a partner in your new journey is a welcome decision.


  • Registering a non profit in the US is a cumbersome challenge but we are glad that through North West Registered Agent Black Mental Health Matters was incorporated in Texas as a non profit charity.
    We applied on a weekend and within 4 days we had our documents ready.
    Thank you so much for your service.
    Daniel Mwambonu
    CEO & Founder
    Black Mental Health Matters Inc

  • This is the most professional, knowledgeable and courteous group of folks I have ever delt with. Katie Taylor and Sarah Nickel addressed my concerns immediately and did not slow down until the situation was resolved to my satisfaction. I came to them with a minimum amount of information and they turned it into a maximum amount of satisfaction.
    I sincerely hope this gets to their supervisors and on up the ladder to the top.

  • Jennifer was so great to work with! I highly recommend this company, they make the process very simple!

  • Northwest Registered Agent has nice web site that is easy to use and their reprsentatives are easy to reach and pleasent to work with

  • I never really write reviews, but I felt I had to regarding the customer service I received from Northwest Registered Agent. The customer service team there was phenomenal today. The first person who helped me was incredibly helpful and Im not even signed up with them and he sent me the documaens I needed for free.

  • Oh my God what an awesome company they work with me the time when I was down and out their answer questions @patients what a great company to help me get my LLC and keep my LLC that’s the most important thing I love this company great customer service

  • Just signup with Northwest Register Agent. I accidentally put in a duplicate order which cost $50. As a test I left it there and sent an email to see if they would take care of it and refund me. They did the next morning! In a corrupt business world, it’s nice to see honesty. Looking forward to working with them. Thank you

  • Provided the service I expected at market rate. They were nice enough to allow me access to my last two documents. Would recommend.

  • Starting a company from overseas is a bit bewildering with all the different state-level complexities. It was made very easy with Northwest. I have been a client now for about four years. Any silly question I have asked has been dealt with instantly, courteously, and very efficiently. It has been the same on the odd occasion when I have called. They offer a great service with excellent customer service.

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