Zenbusiness Registered Agent Review: Services and Prices in Michigan

Are you ready to embark on your entrepreneurship? All that remains is to take that first step is opening an LLC in Michigan to help everything else fall into place. While this should be an easy task, it features several nuances that may be hard to navigate as a first timer. Luckily, you do not have to do it on your own and can choose hiring a professional LLC service. Many business formation services exist with you in mind. Not only do they take care of the filing, but they also take care of maintaining the Michigan LLC operations. We look at one of the best registered agent services and why you might want to consider it:

Why use ZenBusiness registered agent services in Michigan?

Since opening its doors in 2015, this LLC registered agent has been helping businesspeople in MI and across other states to get their businesses started. This reliable registered agent service deals with registration paperwork and handles representation and overall maintenance (important filing deadlines). The ZenBusiness’s registered agent features listed in this company also cover well and beyond what you need to get your operations off the ground. Over the years, it has garnered positive reviews as the best LLC service for Michigan LLC, having served thousands of entrepreneurs who have praised its efficiency.

What packages does ZenBusiness Michigan offer?

In line with a need to cater to almost every need in the market, this business has packages to set up a Michigan LLC available in three tiers. You can learn more about the LLC pricing plan and features here. While in the past people could get free representation, these services now come at an added cost. You pay an additional registered agent fee of $99 per year for the standard services and $149 for the complete package. The LLC formation packages are:

Formation Starter Package

This tier costs $49 plus $50 Michigan fee and enables you to get your paperwork complete in 17 to 20 business days. It features:

  • A name search: If your chosen name is identical or indistinguishable from another registered or reserved name, your business registration will not go through. It would force you to start the paperwork again with a different name which can result in a lot of back and forth. The specialists in this Michigan registered agent LLC understand how stressful this can be and instead, run your name through the MI database. If they realize your name is not usable for one reason or the other, they inform you, giving you time to make changes and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Document filing and prepping: Once you have provided details about your business, experts who have been at it for years will proceed to fill in the information on the articles of organization. They will dot every I and make sure nothing is left to chance. You will get a final look at the paperwork for your LLC before the specialists submit them to the authorities.
  • Hands-on support: Most people need a lot of guidance when starting a business and not having help when you want it can be frustrating. This company solves this by availing reps who are available from Monday to Friday on call and via email.
  • Easy document access: When your documents are ready, the support team will also upload them to your online account. It will enable you to view the documents as needed and even print them when launching an LLC in Michigan. Additionally, before getting the go-ahead from the authorities, you will have the chance to track the progress of the documents.
  • An organizer statement: When the specialists have successfully helped you register your business, they will draft a resignation letter. It will enable you to identify the people in charge of your business and even get a document you can use in the bank for official purposes.
  • A free fiscal assessment: You will realize that calculating taxes and managing business revenues and expenses can be an uphill task. As a result, most businesspeople rely on accounting tools and LLC services to help them stay on top of things. As part of your package, you will get an assessment to help you understand what work lies ahead. You will get some helpful recommendations you can choose to implement as you move forward with your operations.
  • Online business help: Most MI LLCs now operate websites and have a strong online presence to help them generate more revenue and connect with their customers. As part of the package, you will get a guide on how you, too, can set up your online venture.
  • Discounted representation services: You will spend 25% less on a full year of registered agent services, enabling you to enjoy considerable savings. Please note that you must elect a point of contact in your registration forms else the application will fall through.
  • Annual report services as worry free compliance guarantee: Not only will you receive reminders when your reports are due, but you will also enjoy the perk of getting this work off your shoulders. Once you provide the required information, the experts will take care of the filing.
  • An operating agreement: Having clear guidelines in a business helps its owners avoid pitfalls that can cause disgruntlements and an untimely end to its operations. You will get a free operating agreement template to get things started to avoid such outcomes.
  • Ads credit: Using a matching scheme, you can spend up to $150 on ads and this service will match your expenses to this amount.

Pro Package

For $249 minus the state fees, you can get this ZenBusiness registered agent LLC package which promises to have your business set up in 13 to 16 business days. It enables you to get what is available in the first tier plus these additional business formation features:

  • Expedited filing enabling you to have your order placed before those of people in the first tier.
  • A template of a banking resolution to help you secure a good relationship with a bank.
  • An EIN to get things started on hiring and business operations.
  • Maintenance services to file your annual reports and ensure you do not fall out of good standing with the authorities.

Premium Package

This last ZenBusiness LLC option costs $349 without including the state fees. Businesspeople who choose this package get their paperwork done in 10 to 13 business days on average. They get to enjoy the perks of the previous tiers plus:

  • Priority processing such that your LLC’s document filings will be first in line over everyone else’s.
  • The complete business website setup: Not only will you get a domain name and privacy, but you will also get business email addresses. It is what you need to create a thriving online presence and ensure nobody else bags your domain name first.

Zenbusiness Registered Agent Review: Pros & Cons


  • Affordable: At $49, this service is one of the most affordable services you will find on the market. Most others charge twice this much for the same or fewer features. Therefore, this service gives more value for your money.
  • Simplicity: Even to a newbie who does not know much about business formation, using this website does not feel daunting. Plus, the prompts are easy to follow and there is always someone at the end of the line to help as needed.
  • Positive ZenBusiness customer service: More than 6,200 online Zen Business LLC reviews lie on the positive side, which is quite a good sign, seeing as this service has handled thousands of registrations.
  • Ongoing LLC maintenance: Even after forming your business, the service still maintains your business and takes charge of annual report filing alerts and other key areas.


  • Cheaper options: While $49 is a good deal, you can still find cheaper base packages on the market.
  • Pricey representation: Most formation companies offer free representation as an incentive which is not the case with this service.

Should You Start an LLC with ZenBusiness in Michigan?

ZenBusiness is a great option for someone looking for an affordable service that offers great value for money. However, its processing time could do with some work. Also, its representation services are quite pricey compared to services that offer them for free for the first year.


  • Hi , I just had to come give you guys a quick review , had a bunch of questions and issues but was helped by Ryan, he was patient and understating answered all of my 100 questions and helped me with everything was grateful for him. Thanks Zen and Thanks Ryan.

    Above and beyond customer service.

  • ZenBusiness is great! I looked at the costs for LegalReview and they were much more expensive. Plus ZenBusiness had a system that easily walked me through everything I had to do with a personal assistant guiding me through the entire process. I loved this service!

  • Awesome and easy way to start my LLC. ZenBusiness makes the process super simple. Their support is also wonderful and were helpful when I needed a few questions answered!

  • Doing business with Zenbusiness…The formation process was easy, simple and quick! Also the customer service was outstanding. Brianna was very responsive and thorough when answering my questions. I will continue to do business with them in the future.

  • Every time I have business related questions, I usually utilize the chat sessions. The people who work there appear to be fast and professional. Ms. Jenna answered all my questions with tact, and precision. So far, I have not encountered anything negative. I highly recommend Zenbusiness to those looking to start a business but want to ensure that all their questions, like I’ve had, are answered properly.

    Thank you Ms. Jenna, for assisting me.

  • My LLC was reasonably priced. Customer service is superb; questions answered immediately . Couldn’t be happier!!!

  • Jenna at Zen Business was very prompt and helpful and got me taken care of almost instantly. I needed an email receipt from months ago and boom, 2 minutes later there it was. If only all business chats have the same service as Jenna! Yet another reason I’m very happy I chose Zen for my business! Thanks again!

  • The ZenBusiness team provided me with the most excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. The request for my LLC took less than ten minutes to complete. The Team then took ownership of my process and completed it with their professional touch. It was too easy. A special thank you to Ms. Brianna.


  • This process was fast and easy , I tried to previously use another site called Zoom , yet at the end of the transaction there were other fees for services I did not elect to have. With Zen Business nothing was added on and there was a live assistant to help when I had a question. IM EXCITED to start my business.

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